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FIRST HOLY COMMUNION MASSES – 12 noon Saturday 10/17 June 2017

Registration for this year’s programme will be on Thursday November 10th at 6pm in the Church.


Photographs – The photographer will be in the church hall from 10.45am onwards so that all photographs can be taken before Mass.  Children and families should arrive from 10.45am and it is planned that all photographs will have been taken by 11.40a.m..  The photographer will take an individual photograph of each Communicant and a family photograph if requested.  A separate letter will follow with an attached proforma to indicate whether a family photograph will be required. 

Flowers – Parents are asked for a donation of £5.00 per family towards of the cost of flowers for the church.  Please send this money into school in a clearly labelled envelope by last Friday in May 2016, or if your child is not in Holy Cross school hand the money to Fr. Neil. 

Volunteers to clean Church – If you would be prepared to join with other parents in preparing the church for First Communion on the evenings of Friday 9/16 June 2017, (after 7pm Mass) please sign the sheet.

Girls attire – No high heeled shoes. Dresses which leave shoulders ‘bare’ will need some kind of covering for the shoulders – as per rules for entry in Church in the Vatican.

Jewellery – Religious jewellery may be worn, ie a cross/crucifix.

Sashes  – Boys will be given red sashes by school staff in the church hall on the day.  All boys will wear red ties with the chalice, host and date on them.  As agreed the boys will wear long sleeved shirts. (There is a cost involved it is £5 approxiamately, but details will follow).

Hands and Gifts – The children will be asked not to wear gloves or to hold items in their hands.  Please would families keep such items with them until after the Mass.

Seating – Each family will be allocated a bench in church.  Any additional seating will be towards the back of the church or in the Lady Chapel and confessional on a first come, first served basis.  Once families have had their photographs taken they should leave their child in the church hall with staff.  Families should then go into church to be seated for Mass at 12noon.

Photographs Please do not take photographs or use video cameras during Mass as we would like the Mass to be as reverent and spiritual as possible.

Mobile Phones – Please ensure that all mobile phones are switched off during the service.

Once the children have returend to the Church Hall please feel free to leave at your own convenience.  The children are well prepared and should have a lovely day. 

Please pray for dry weather! 

For those in Non- Catholics schools – further information follows:

This year there will be instruction in the months of January – May immediately prior to the First Holy Communion Day itself (Saturday 10th/17th June at 12 noon).

This instruction will be led by Mrs J Jackson and Fr Neil with the assistance of parish catechists.

It will take place on Saturday morningsstraight after the parish 10am Mass until 12.30pm on the following dates: 14th January, 11th February, 11th March, 8th April, and 20th May 2016. (TBC).

In these five sessions instruction will be given in the following topic areas:

Baptism and the Sacraments – the seven sacraments.

How Catholics live – how our faith impacts on our life choices, reconciliation. *

What the Church is. Creation & St Francis

Jesus chooses his disciples – Peter & Matthew, other bible stories.

Prayer – when, why, what, how and where.

The structure of the Mass – preparation for Saturday 10/17 June.

Candidates will be expected to attend all sessions and as many Sunday masses as they can throughout February – June.

It is envisaged that we will use the Fr. Berry Room in the Church Hall for all the above sessions. (10.30am – 12.30pm).

* Confession is scheduled for Tuesday 14th March and Thursday 16th March 2017, (Tbc) Reconciliation Sacrament celebration Reconciliation Service in church 3.00pm followed by  Confessions– Year Three and families.

If you have any queries contact Fr. Neil (01213512161) or

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